about Electronetix

Electronetix is a company based in Faerie Glen, Pretoria, that specialises in Alternative Energy Solutions. We aim to provide access to renewable energy while preserving the environment. We are Solar Electricity and Electrical Contractors and have recently entered the manufacturing market. Electronetix can now provide you with Generators that we build in-house, at half the cost. We are proud to say that we have 20 years’ experience in this field with a well-educated work force.

  • Master and Wireman’s License.
  • Work done by qualified, registered Electricians.
  • All staff are trained in First Aid, Fire Fighting, Basic Hand Tools and Risk Assessment
  • Hein Fromann from Telenetix: 082 332 9555.
    Solar power to mobile containers and building of Data containers.
  • Riaan Botha from SAPS: 082 466 9301.
    Building of Solar Farms at remote Police Stations.
The Business

ELECTRONETIX is a Close Corporation that offers alternative energy solutions with strategically placed solar panels. The system is constructed on frameworks and/or containers and the electricity generated is ample supply for eg. a police station.

The greatest barrier to entry in the solar electricity industry is the high upfront cost. Given the long life cycle of photovoltaic cells (about 30 years or more), a consumer installing photovoltaic (electric solar panels) essentially pays for 30 years of electricity upfront, rather than on a monthly incremental basis as one pays for plug-in electricity today. ELECTRONETIX covers the upfront costs, manages the installation, and offers a negotiable maintenance schedule.

The target market for the power purchase agreement consists of site-hosts that have large roof space, high sun exposure, and high electricity consumption. In South Africa, this market includes large offices such as the remote sites of the SAPS, agricultural environments and residential dwellings.

These customers already pay for high electricity rates and/or have absolutely no electricity. With the solar system some of the remote sites now have electricity for the first time since inception.

ELECTRONETIX personally visits your site to determine the power factor, harmonics and KVAR in order to compile the necessary audit. This information is utilised for the feasibility study and percentage savings of power and presented in the form of a graph.


Benefits of an Electronetix Solar Energy Solution

  • ELECTRONETIX will assist you in avoiding the inconvenience caused by frequent ESKOM outages (Load shedding).
  • ELECTRONETIX will help you save on the costs of on-going maintenance as well as ESKOM’s planned tariff increases.
  • The ELECTRONETIX solution can be rolled out quickly providing relief from day one.
  • ELECTRONETIX offers a technical and financially feasible solution.
  • The system is environmentally friendly and easy to maintain.
  • ELECTRONETX provides a solution that is capable of integrating multiple energy sources, and is also renewable energy orientated.
  • Installations are ‘plug & play’, quick, safe and simple to conduct, saving time and costs immediately.
  • ELECTRONETIX will Maintain, Monitor and Report.

Most solar installers concentrate on domestic installations. Therefore we at ELECTRONETIX believe an open market exists for industrial as well as domestic solar installations.

At ELECTRONETIX we only use the best suppliers in order to give you, the consumer, the best products and service. We use Proudly South African companies with guaranteed products.

ELECTRONETIX is also one of few Solar companies rendering a service of power analysis and the issuing of legitimate electrical certificates, completed and signed off by our own qualified Master Electrician.


ELECTRONETIX strives to be the best at what we do. Therefore it is important that we are compliant in all possible areas.

ELECTRONETIX subscribes and belongs to the following organisations:

  • Electrical Contractors Association (SA) (ECA)
  • Sustainable Energy Society (SESSA)
  • National Bargaining Council for the Electrical Industry of South Africa (N.B.C.E.I.)
  • Electrical Contracting Board of South Africa (ECB)
  • Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB)